Weight Loss for the mind

Weight Loss for the Mind

The Concept of Weight Loss for the Mind

This concept, ‘weight loss for the mind’, has been around for many years.  It was written about in the book, “As a Man Thinketh” by James Allen.  “As a Man Thinketh”, was first published in 1903 and has been and is still being read by millions of people.  The book helps the reader understand that, this is a world that is mentally caused. Everything that happens begins in the mind, as a thought, an idea or a concept.

Look around you and you’ll see that everything that is manmade was first thought of; the house you live in, the car you drive, the internet you use, and the roads you drive on. They all began in someone’s imagination; they are all a result of thinking.  Therefore, it stands to reason that your thinking created your overweight body.

The amount of  food you eat is a result of your thinking.  A person who ‘thinks’ they are overweight, out of control, spilling out of their clothes, or any other like thing, has to eat too much food, so that their body matches their thinking.  That’s why, ‘weight loss for the mind works.’

Non-stop Thinking

Have you noticed that thinking goes on non-stop? You never stop thinking; the only time thinking stops is when you sleep. Although this may be the first time you’ve heard this, your thinking is creating your life. Minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day, the quality of your thinking matches the quality of your life. Also, it’s not just your life that is affected by your thinking, so is your body.

If you think of yourself as fat, and you talk about yourself in derogatory terms, even if it’s only in private, you cannot help but be fat. How many people I wonder, attend weekly weight loss clubs getting nowhere because they keep on describing themselves as fat. Diets attack the body from the outside, attempting to starve it into submission but if the mind doesn’t change, losing weight will be an uphill struggle.

Weight Loss for the Mind

Of course it is possible to starve yourself into slimness, we all know that, but being in starvation mode is unsustainable and, without a change of mind, you will end up, like the majority of people, putting all the weight back on again. Think of all the times you’ve done that before and remember how demoralising it is.

You were born with the perfect eating patterns but over the years have been re-educated to eat badly. Now that eating has become habitual, just like smoking becomes a habit. The subconscious part of you holds all of your habits, beliefs and ideas; it has no way of knowing whether something is true or not, or whether behaviour is still wanted or not. It’s programmed, like a computer, and until it’s given new messages it’ll keep on reverting to its old ways.

Everything Begins in Mind

Everything you have in your life right now is a third dimensional fact.  It’s what we call ‘reality.’  What it is, of course, is a result of your past thinking.  When you buy into these concepts, you are reacting to the world.  There may be things about your world that are wonderful and when you love them, that’s great, your reacting to them keeps on creating more of them.

However, when you look at the things you don’t like and react to them by not liking them, they are also kept in your life.  The secret, told in, “As a Man Thinketh,” is to go back into imagination, where all things begin, and create something better.   You can do that by talking about what you desire, or sitting down to imagine the slim you, by getting excited about the concept and believing in it.  That is exactly how and why a hypnotic program can help you to make the changes neccessary.

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