About Christine

Hello, I’m Christine Wesson, student of the mind. I call myself a student as I’m still learning, developing and growing continually. My passion is Metaphysics. Meta means behind or above. It means, looking at the cause of the physical world we live in and finding out how we can change what we don’t like.

Lose Weight Feel Great

Lose weight feel great, was developed through my interest in all aspects of the mind.  This was coupled with my own struggles with weight issues. I spent the first half of my life underweight and the second half overweight.  Because of my experience, I made certain discoveries.  It can be  just as difficult for a skinny person to put weight on, as it is for an overweight person to lose it.  What I was also aware of was, that I was unhappy with my body at both ends of the spectrum.

However, for most of those years I knew very little about the mind body connection, only general things like, ‘stress can create heart attacks.’  My father had a stress related heart attack, dying suddenly,  aged 53, so I was well aware of that fact.  What I didn’t know, until much later though, was how our words and thoughts affect us.  For the majority of my life I had no idea that my thoughts created my reality.

Thinking Creates Reality

Like the majority of people, I thought the world out there was just happening.  I thought I was just an observer of it and a commentator on it.  Then my life was turned upside down.  My marriage failed, our family business went under, and our beautiful house on a private estate was sold.  It seemed as if life couldn’t get any worse.  Yet, in actual fact, the situation turned out to be both the saving of me, and the making of me.  My life completely changed, because I discovered a secret that not many people know.  By chance, I picked up a book by Louise Hay.  The book, called,The Power is Within You,’ , changed my life.

I discovered that everything comes from thinking and I could immediately see what had caused our problems.  With my new found knowledge I also began to understand why a skinny person has difficulty putting on weight and why the opposite is true for the overweight person.

Lose Weight Feel Great

Discovering how easy it was to change my life once I began using the techniques, I knew that I wanted to train to become a therapist.  Using the new techniques I’d learned helped to extricate us from the mess we’d got ourselves into and I began to train in metaphysics.  Metaphysics means beyond the physical, what is causing, or creating the physical.  Along the way I added the skill of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and also became a hypnotherapist.  I use all these skills to empower my clients and to help them change thir lives for the better.

For years now my passion has been to help people with weight loss problems.  Once I really understood the mind body connection, it became obvious that the problem was being tackled completely incorrectly.  Conventional diets attempt to starve the body into submission, they attempt to change it from the outside in.  Yet, all real and lasting change  begins on the inside.  Once the mind changes, the outside lines itself up by changing too.

I’ve been successfully helping people to get slim for years now and am in the process of developing a program that can be used at home by anyone.  My dream is to help people globally to overcome their problem and to get free to live the happy life they came here to live.  If you’d like to know more, contact me here. 

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