The Only Way to Lose Weight Program

the only way to lose weight

‘The Only Way’™ to Lose Weight

Have you, like millions of other people throughout the world, had enough of being overweight?  Feeling bad about yourself, and struggling every single day is no fun is it?  Do you feel as if there’s a battle going on within you; a battle that stops you from enjoying life, from thinking clearly?  Does it seem as if your life is on hold until you lose the weight?  If any, or all of these descriptions apply to you, then, ‘The Only Way’™ Program could be perfect for you.

Why is it that diets don’t work?  Or, more to the point, why have most dieters managed to successfully lose weight on one particular occasion, but have never managed to repeat the process at each subsequent attempt.  Why do most dieters lose weight and then put it all back on again and more?  Wouldn’t you like to know the answers to these questions? Knowledge is power!  Knowing how, and why, these things happen is the key that can unlock the door to your freedom.

We have been programmed by the diet industry.  We’ve been led to believe that weight loss has to be tackled on the outside.  We have to eat less, cut out certain foods, count calories, resist, and often go hungry to achieve our goal.  After joining my first weight loss group many years ago, I remember thinking that if this was the way I had to eat from now on that life wasn’t really worth living.  I was angry, grumpy, and so resistant that I only stuck it out for three weeks.  Then I gave up having achieved nothing but a determination that those place weren’t for me.

What I did Get from my Experience

I did learn something from those three weeks, although I didn’t benefit from what I noticed for many years.  What I noticed was, that while the majority of us, the reluctant grumbling ones, were struggling to stick to the regime, there was at least one person who was doing really well.  This person couldn’t wait to get on the scales for the weigh in.  When they stepped up, the scales only seemed to confirm what they’d already known.  Yes, they’d lost weight!

This puzzled me; what did that person have that I obviously didn’t?  I wondered, rather unkindly whether they were not be used to good, tasty food at home.  I reckoned that the bland tasteless diet they were being forced to eat was just up their street.  Although I didn’t understand it at the time I didn’t forget it.  I didn’t realise it then but that would eventually become one of the ingredients of, ‘The Only Way’™ program.  What I was noticing, without realising it was ‘attitude’.  Mine stank, while this successful person’s attitude was the exact opposite to mine.  Hmmm…………..

‘The Only Way’™ to Lose Weight is a Formula

Since I qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist in 2005 I have worked with a great deal of clients and for many years I majored in weight loss.  My books were full, and the therapy was a success with many people.  But then, I began to put on weight.  It crept on gradually, and I kept on telling myself that I would do something about it but I somehow never did.  Then, it got worse and worse until I was the heaviest I’d ever been.  As a result I began to feel like a fraud and my weight loss clients began to dry up.  For my sake and my future potential clients I was determined to find the answer to the problem.

Why was it so difficult to get started I asked myself?  I knew what to do so why wasn’t I doing it?  Why couldn’t I find the energy to put into action what I knew I should do?  After all, I reasoned, I’d taught the steps to so many people and helped them to achieve their goals.  I wrestled with this problem for a seeming age, but it is said, ‘seek and you shall find.’   Imagine my delight when the formula began to reveal itself to me.  First I would get one clue, then another and another until it became quite clear to me that successful weight loss is a formula.  It has ingredients, like baking a cake and if one of the ingredients is left out, all the effort a person puts in to lose weight will eventually be wasted.

Getting Help Along the Way

I joined a mastermind group for the whole of 2021 and being a part of the group helped enormously. It was in that group that I really understood the value of self-concept and ‘states’ of consciousness. I finally understood that they too were definitely ingredients that had to be part of the successful formula. The mastermind group was where I learned more about the law of assumption and its role in any successful outcome. I put all of these ingredients together and realised this was the formula that every successful dieter had ever used.

I started using the formula myself and, once it was showing results for me I knew I had a program that would, and could, work for anyone. The formula itself is simple, it begins by making a definite decision to lose weight, but this decision has to be framed in a particular way. You’ll learn how to frame it in the correct way.

Getting into the Right Frame of Mind

Once the definite decision is made and framed correctly, the next most important ingredient is attitude, the right attitude. With the right attitude the journey is easy and enjoyable. With the wrong attitude you’ll hit a brick wall and get nowhere.  Another way to describe attitude is frame of mind. You’ll discover how to get into the right frame of mind and stay there. You’ll be shown how to immediately get back into the right frame of mind even if you’ve been pulled out of it by negative circumstances. This bit is important, but it’s relatively easy to do once you understand it.

The program still uses hypnosis but not in the traditional way. There’s no need to listen to a recording for approximately 30 minutes every day. Instead you will learn how to use your imagination to quickly construct a scene and how to do it often. You’ve got to have an end goal in mind, and you’ve got to keep it in mind; that’s where the hypnosis part comes in. Some people find this difficult to do and that’s why you’ll get all the help you need to define your end result so you can head towards it and reach it.  You’ll get all the help you need to figure out what you want to experience there.

Discover the Truth about Yourself

The program will teach you the truth about yourself.  You’ll find that you are much more powerful than you ever imagined.  Your mind is powerful and when it is directed towards your goal everything else will fall into place.  Overweight people tend to believe that they are overweight because they eat too much but that’s looking at the problem from the wrong end.  An overweight person eats too much because their body image, the way they imagine themself, is overweight.  If your body image, and your inner talk, is focussed on being overweight, you are, whether you know it or not, instructing your deeper mind to overeat.

When you change the inner talk and the inner image you will automatically eat less.  You’ll find that the urge to overeat that you have struggled with for so long will be gone, like magic.  There is a part of you that knows how to lift you out of the problem.  A part that will respond to you and free you, when you know how to access it.

Discover What Could Be in the Way

Old beliefs or past failures can often get in the way of success in any endeavour, you might have to let go of some old unhelpful beliefs. You’ll discover what beliefs you must take on to reach their goal and more importantly you’ll learn how to phrase the new beliefs and integrate them. You’ll also discover the best way to turn them into goals too.  We can also use timeline therapy to take you back to a time before you overate, before you had a problem with food, and bring that learning and understanding into this present time.

There is nothing to do apart from change your mind, your beliefs, and the focus of your mind.  Refuse to assume it will be hard and instead assume it will be easy.  Freedom is only a decision and a thought away.  It really is possible to right now, step into your naturally slim state, animate it by breathing life into it and give it life.  Go to the end and live there, taking your attention off your old state and living ‘as if’ you have already achieved your goal.

Find out What is involved

I am totally commited to giving my clients all the tools they need to begin and complete the journey from the state of overweight to the state of being slim.  My absolute guarantee to you is total commitment from my side and of course I expect the same from my clients too.  We will work together closely, for a total of 18 weeks, having weekly hour long Zoom meetings.  You will also have email access in between sessions.  We will work together on this journey until you get to the point where you can step out on your own, in complete confidence.

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