returning to nature

Returning to Nature

Lose Weight by Returning to Nature

So many people are totally confused by all the opposing nutritional advice that is in the public domain.  Everyone has their opinions and their ideas and many of them are at odds with each other.  Apart from that, the advice changes, often, leaving us more confused than ever.  However, I don’t believe we can go wrong, if we eat what mother nature intended we eat.  If we take our cues from, and focus on, returning to nature we’ll be following the only nutritional advice that will never change.

Mother nature provides all the foods, that contain all the nourishment, that any of us require, right where we are.  Every region in the world provides food for it’s inhabitants.  Eskimos, traditionally never ate vegetables, or fruit that they survived and remained healthy.  Nomads in the desert often live off blood and milk from their camels.  They eat hardly anything else and they are healthy.  Some cultures ate shellfish, others ate bread and olives, yet all were healthy.  Now we are told we need extra vitamins, supplements and foods from all over the world to be healthy, but is it true?

Returning to Nature

There’s more nutritional advice out there than ever before and so many of the people I speak to are confused by it.  Hovever, you can’t go wrong if you eat natural foods When you choose foods, just ask, “Is this food natural.  Does it grow or  run around?”  Or maybe it comes from something that grows or runs around, like eggs, cheese or milk.  Then ask, “Will this food go off, or rot?”  If it fits any of the previous categories, it’s natural, if not then leave it. 

Fresh local foods are alsways going to be the best for every person in every region.  The sooner we all concentrate on returning to nature the better it will be for all of us.

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