"Thank you Christine for the work we did clearing my heart wall. What we did has been incredibly beneficial, I'd been holding on to all the hurt from the past and it was weighing me down. For over 20 years, I couldn’t let go, the pain had lasted longer than the marriage did, and now it’s gone, I’ve let it go. I’ve been able to shake off the past hurts and traumas and am moving forward in a more positive direction with an open mind and a lighter heart! I’ve lost the weight, I’m lighter, I’m brighter and life has taken on a whole new meaning."

Worthing, West Sussex

"Well I have to say thank you very, very much for the session. Things certainly have shifted. I slimmed down a size instantly and more importantly my relationship with food is in a positive place now. I feel much more relaxed, enjoying a varied diet without the guilt factor and feeling much more satisfied with the eating small amounts. I would say that the CD has worked wonders. I didn't manage to listen for 21 days in a row due to travelling for work and being on hols but I have done as much as possible! People have noticed the change in me and I have spread the word..."


"For the first time ever I went to the supermarket and walked straight past the cakes and biscuits. It was fantastic, it’s never happened before, and it was so easy just like you said."

Barnham, West Sussex

"Everything is going very well. You have made a difference to my life x I have been using EFT to keep my emotions under control. It's an amazing technique."

Bognor Regis, West Sussex

"Thank you so much for adding value to my life, what I have learned from you is working for me like a miracle.... It is a miracle!"

West Lothian, Scotland

"My biggest 'mind bender' is looking at the portions and thinking 'how is that really going to make me full?' but it does! Still yet to finish a whole meal…still Affirming every time I drive anywhere…"

Peacehaven, East Sussex

"Just to let you know that I lost 1 stone in the time from starting my sessions with you on 24th March and weighing myself on 30th April - about 6 weeks. I am delighted. Thanks for your help. I am keeping up the good work."

Horndean, Hampshire

"I have to tell you that when I left yours last night I was really quite hungry so I stopped off at Sainsbury's and purchased a bag of raw broccoli to eat on the way home!! This is unheard of for me!! Thank you I am really starting to feel like things are shifting for me."

West Wittering, West Sussex

"Thanks Christine for a very good session! It is great not feeling guilty about food and just enjoying what I eat. I don't feel greedy now and easily feel I have had enough. Amazing really! I really appreciate your support during my brain reprogramming!"

Horsham, West Sussex

"Thank you so much for helping me. I cannot explain how much it has helped me. I feel so free. I am so glad that I saw you when I did. I knew that something was changing. I found out my shop is for sale, and I had the head of our division down on Wednesday. He confirmed that they are closing the shop down. I feel ok about it as it's all moving now. I have been thanking as you said. It really works."

Chichester, West Sussex

"Thank you very much. It will become another tool.We are both continuing loosing weight. I have dropped to a size 18 for he first time in 6 years. We have just packed for holiday including our MP3 players with the transfers from your cd. Our complete diet and eating habits have changed. My IBS is so much better as is skeletal pain. I can now walk a couple of miles without pain. My cupboards now have more space as has the fridge as we no longer need the amounts we used to eat. I never thought hypnosis and all the additional tools you gave us would work so well and continue to do so. I wish I had contacted you years ago. I now know I can do it and do not feel like a looser every time I look into a mirror or try on something new. It is great to feel great."

Chichester, West Sussex

"I've already lost almost all of the excess weight I put on over the past 2 weeks - one lb to go!! Isn't that great? What a good start to this programme."

Aldwick, West Sussex