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Get Slim Fast

How to Get Slim Fast

The easiest way to get slim fast is to change the focus of your thinking. Stop trying to fight the problem, fighting it only makes it worse. Give up trying to ignore it, in the hope it’ll go away, because it won’t. The way to get slim fast is to focus on being slim and focus on all the things you need to do to get there.

The more you focus on being slim, on eating small healthy portions of food, and being completely satisfied with them, the faster you’ll get slim. Say, “I am getting slim, I am losing weight, I am eating healthy food, I am eating small portions, and I am more than satisfied.” When you speak this way, your subconscious mind will follow your lead, it has to.

Your deeper mind, the subconscious, is the part of you that’s in charge of your body. Behind the scenes it pumps the blood around your body, digests your food, and grows your hair and finger nails. It works non-stop, renewing and replacing and attending to millions of processes every day. It does it all outside of conscious awareness.

Deeper mind is also in charge of your eating habits and your beliefs. You’ve told it the kinds of foods you find irresistible by continually thinking about it and them. If you believe that you have a sweet tooth, or that you cannot resist chocolate, deeper mind knows because it listens to you continually and acts on whatever you believe, say or think.
Your conscious mind is the thinker, the chooser and the decider, and deeper mind is the doer. Together they should make a great team, and when deeper mind receives positive commands they do. Unfortunately, for most people, the messages that are being sent down to the doing part have become corrupted.

You are the Captain of Your Ship

Imagine a ship with a Captain at the helm. The Captain charts the course of the ship; he decides where it’s headed. Once he’s decided he instructs his crew, in the engine room, and tells them what to do. He has to give precise instructions; things like, “Hard to starboard“, or, “Full speed ahead.” When he gives precise instructions, the crew follow his instructions precisely.

Think of your conscious mind as the Captain and your subconscious as the crew in the engine room. When you give precise instructions you will head in the right direction too. If you are overweight you’ve been giving your deeper mind the wrong messages. Instead of directing yourself towards a goal of being slim, you’ve probably been talking about what you don’t want.

Think what would happen if the Captain of an ocean liner, told his engine room, not to go full speed ahead, or not to go hard to port. What would his sailors make of orders like that? But, that’s what you are doing when you say things like, “I don’t want to put any more weight on.” That is not a precise instruction, it is focused on what you don’t want and it’ll result in putting more weight on.

Be a good Captain of your ship and make sure you steer yourself in the direction of success.  See this quote from Nelson Mandela.

Thoughts Create Pictures

The reason is this; every thought you have and every word you say creates a picture in your mind, try it and see. You are running an internal movie in your mind all day long and the pictures in your mind are completely different to the pictures you see with your physical eyes. What you see with your physical eyes is the end result of past thinking, and yes I’m talking about the body you see too.

You think there’s nothing you can do about it so you keep on thinking things like, ‘fat cow,’ ‘greedy pig,’ and even worse names than that. It’s impossible to get slim while calling yourself fat. In fact, it’s impossible to get slim at all because getting something implies that it’s outside of us and your slim body is not outside of you at all, it’s inside of you. Right there where you are, where the overweight you seem to be, is the slim you; it’s inside of you, waiting to be revealed or uncovered.

But the slim you cannot come to the foreground all the while you carry on insisting you’re overweight. To get slim fast, talk about it, think about it and dwell on it, continually.

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