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Inner Talk

Inner Talk Creates Outer Circumstances

Inner talk creates the world you live in and you talk to yourself all day long.  You could no more stop talking to yourself than you could stop breathing.  Most people have no idea that the words they speak, and the thoughts they think, create their outer world.  You get what you talk about in your affairs, and in your body and you never stop talking, inwardly, or outwardly.

How do you describe yourself, to yourself, or others?  If you call yourself fat, overweight, chubby, or obese you are perpetuating your condition.  If you are always saying that you have a sweet tooth, a penchant for crisps, or a love for bread, you’ll continue to get exactly that.  Your inner talk, and your outer talk, is always an exact match for your condition.  Yet you would love to be slim!  How’s that going to happen, when your whole focus is on your overweight body?

The first rule of psychology is, ‘You get whatever you focus on,’ and the more you focus on it, the more you get of it. It’s a pity this rule isn’t taught to children in kindergarten.  Then again, in every classroom they enter, until it’s drummed into every one of us.   It’s impossible to focus on fat and be slim.  To achieve your goal you have to think about it, talk about it and focus on it.

Matching Inner Talk with Your Goal

First of all you have to have a goal, and your goal has to be positive.  It has to be focused on being slim, or being a certain weight, or even achieving a certain look.  It’s no good fighting fat, as the focus is on fat, so you’ll get fatter.  Stop hating the way you look, or you’ll just stay that way, or get even worse.  Decide on a perfect weight, a size, and a shape, imagine you’ve achieved it and feel how you feel.  Then make your inner talk agree with what you’ve chosen.

Do they match? Does your inner talking match what you would say audibly had you achieved your goal?  To change your life, you must change your inner talk.  If you need help to do it join our program, Lose Weight – Feel Great.

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