I Remember When for Weight Loss

I remember when for weight lossI Remember When for Weight Loss

‘The Only Way’™ method of weight loss focusses on changing the inside; when consciousness changes the outer form changes as a result. Think slim and become slim is the game we are playing and one of the hacks we can use to great advantage, while playing this game is a technique called, ‘I Remember When for weight loss.’ The subconscious mind is the part that is responsible for the amount of food you are led to eat and the amount of weight you are carrying. If you overeat it is because you’ve told yourself you do, if you are overweight it’s because you think about being overweight. Your habits and your body shape are a direct response to your inner talk.

Change the Way you Speak to Change your Weight

Every single successful dieter has changed their inner conversations, whether they knew it or not. Trying to diet without changing your inner dialogue will take you on the road to nowhere; you’ll fail. You’ve spent years talking yourself into being overweight and now it’s time to speak yourself slim. The ‘I Remember When’ technique is a great way to do that. This is how it works. Imagine that you are now, your ideal weight and size, and that you are fit and healthy to boot. You can also add on anything else you’d like, such as really happy. You then remember when you were overweight, miserable and unfit, (if that’s you now). This made your present your past, and your future your present. How did that feel? That is a wonderful way to change our reality; removing the sting of the present, by making it the past, and taking away the anxiety of the future by making it the present – NOW.

Can I remember When Help With Weight Loss

The subconscious part of you believes you because it always believes you. It believes anything you tell it. It will now hasten to make that true for you. You can also use the same technique to say things like: ‘I remember when I had nothing to wear and now everything in my wardrobe fits.’ Or, ‘I remember when this skirt/shirt was too tight, and now it fits like a glove.’ Spend your day, ‘Remembering When,’ and you will soon notice that things have changed for the better.

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