Weight Loss Hypnosis

Are you looking for weight loss hypnosis? Or are you just looking for a way to leave the nightmare behind and be free? Either way, Lose Weight – Feel Great  could be the solution you’re looking for. You are actively seeking change, or else you wouldn’t have found this website, nothing happens by accident.

And, you have come to the right place, because I’m looking for people who are really ready to change, those who have had enough of the misery and struggle; those who can’t go on any longer doing what they’re doing.

The people I love to work with are people who are prepared to commit and I’m sure, you are one of those people who are willing to embrace change and make it permanent in your life? Am I right; is this you?  Do you yearn for freedom; have you had enough of the battle, the inner torment?  I’m sure you have and right now you have arrived at a solution.

Allow me to take you by the hand and lead you to freedom; to show you how you can use your amazing mind to end the misery of overeating and overweight. Let me show you how to put an end to the constant need to continue eating even when you have had more than enough food. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to get your life back, to be free and free, this time, forever?

If you are ready, if you have had enough, then find out how you can rise above the problem, and leave it behind. Read the options below and decide which ones are right for you.

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Weight Loss Hypnosis One-to-One Personal Sessions

Working one-on-one is the traditional way of conducting therapy and for most people this is still the prefered way.  This way, sessions are personalised and tailored especially for you.  After each 75 minute session you’ll receive a personalised hypnosis session by email.  You’ll also receive study materials that you can keep and refer to.

The course also includes an affirmation MP3 and a generic hypnosis MP3 too.  You have to listen to the affirmations and the hypnosis recordings daily and when you commit to doing what is asked of you, you’ll be one of the many success stories.

It’s a bit like joining the gym; if you go and use the equipment you’ll notice changes. If you go a few times then stop, nothing will happen. All change requires practice and practice requires commitment. That’s the reason I am itching to work with committed people.

The hypnosis recordings will help to change the way you act around food, change your habitual ways of dealing with food and change your self-image.

Take action now.  Contact me to arrange a free consultation.

One-to-One Weight Loss Therapy and Gastric Band Hypnosis sessions
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Working One-on-One with Weight Loss Hypnosis in an On-Line Virtual Therapy Room

If you live too far away from me to travel, you can work with me, one-on-one, in my on-line therapy room. Similar to Skype but much more stable, the professional platform of Zoom allows face to face contact from any location in the world.

It’s easy to use; I send you a link prior to our session. At the appointed time, you click on the link and you are instantly connected with me in real time. We have exactly the same relationship, and cover all the same material, as you would were you here in my office. We still conclude each session with hypnosis. You remain in your chair, and some people prefer to rest in a more comfortable position.

After each session you will receive a personalised hypnosis recording that you can listen to daily.

One-to-One Weight Loss Therapy and Gastric Band Hypnosis sessions
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Weight Loss Hypnosis Group Sessions

Act now!  Why not get some friends together for a group session of weight loss therapy? If you gather together a group of at least six people, you go free. We could work in your home, if you were local, in the Chichester Therapy rooms at Luckes, or even in the virtual reality therapy rooms on-line.

Sign up to receive the newsletter and you’ll be advised whenever a group weight loss therapy session is scheduled. Feel free to join any class you choose.

Group sessions, consisting of a minimum of six attendees, follow the same format as one-to-ones and the cost for each person is only £150. Wow, for only £150 you can be free of the misery you’ve been living in!

Group Weight Loss Therapy sessions
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Weight Loss Hypnosis Downloadable Audio Courses

Because time restrictions prevent me from working with as many people as need help with their problem, I am in the process of making the Lose Weight – Feel Great program available as a downloadable course. The cost for this will be much lower than my, in person, or, on-line virtual sessions. The Gastric Band Hypnosis course in now available.  Go here to purchase it.   If you would like to be contacted when the weight loss course is ready, please go here to sign up for  email updates.  Get ready to Lose Weight & Feel Great.

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