Gastric Band Hypnosis Downloadable Audio Programme


This Gastric Band Hypnosis product contains two MP3 recordings; the operation and the results (After the operation).  Included is a PDF document that will help you to get the best out of the program, making it a success for you.


Hi, my name is Christine Wesson.

I’m really thrilled to be offering you this Gastric Band Hypnosis program as downloadable product. As an everlasting student of the mind, and after years of working with people one on one, and in groups I have come to understand the main reasons people fail to respond to the hypnotic programs they have purchased.

For every person who said, “Yes it worked for me,” I’ve met five who’ve told me, “I’ve been listening to the CD every night but nothing’s happened.” If I’m in the right place, and there’s time, I’ll tell the person I’m having the conversation with why, in my opinion, they are not getting anywhere and how they can make it work. I tell them, hypnosis is not a one way street, nobody is doing anything to you; the result is up to you. Unfortunately no-one seems to explain this correctly, if at all.

That’s why; this is not your ‘normal’ run of the mill Gastric Band Hypnosis program. In this program you’ll be shown exactly how to play your part in making the system work. Then you won’t have to waste your time listening to something that doesn’t work; instead you can successfully trick your subconscious mind into acting as if you’ve had a gastric band fitted.

When you buy the program, you’ll receive all the easy to understand instructions that will ensure the hypnosis audios work their magic. You’ll really understand how the two parts of your mind work and how they have to work together to make the changes happen.

You’ll be taken hypnotically through the virtual operation and will be able to use all your new skills to impress it into your mind. Once that’s done there’s no need to listen to it again, unless you choose to. You can then begin to listen to the accompanying hypnotic download, ‘After the Operation.’ This audio takes you into a future time; a time when you have successfully lost as much weight as you desire and you are looking back and thinking of how successful it was and how well it worked.

Every time you listen to the ‘After the Operation’ audio, you will re-live the day the gastric band was fitted and think about all the good things that happened between then and ‘now’. I created the program this way because it didn’t make sense to me to imagine going through a virtual operation day after day as no-one does that. However, everyone remembers; we all look back and think, “I remember when ………………..” The deeper mind is tricked by this as it has no idea whether something is true or not. Keep on listening and success is guaranteed.


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